Fence Installation & Repair

Fence Installation and Repair Services

Do you have a fence that needs fixing? Or do you need to have a new fence installed? Then call Stein Construction LLC, the fence installation and repair experts. Whether it’s a simple damaged fence repair or a new install, we’ll take care of it.

So, forget about your fence installation and repair woes and let our fence installers handle the heavy lifting for you. If you are ready to upgrade your property with a new fence, contact us.

Our Fence Installers serve Gig Harbor and Puget Sound WA.

fence installation in Gig Harbor WA

Fences We Work With

Our fence installers in Gig Harbor work with a wide variety of fencing materials. These include:

fence repair and fence installation in Gig Harbor WA
  •  Vinyl: These are durable, low maintenance and easy to keep clean.
  • Wood: A wooden fence is a classic. It always looks good, but maintenance can be a pain.
  • PVC: PVC is ideal for keeping pets contained, or for keeping pets out of a particular area in the garden.
  • Chain Link: Is a strong option that also allows for complete visibility. It's good where security is an issue.
  • Wrought Iron: These will set you back a bit, but they are reliable and durable. Maintenance is simple, but do bank on repainting the bars every few years.
  • Aluminum: This is a good option if you want minimal maintenance as it stands up well to exposure. It’s also excellent if you like your privacy.

New Fence Installation: What to Expect

The type of fence dictates how fast it goes up and how much work is involved. Chain link fences, for example, are simple to put up because you only need to anchor the fence poles, and then stretch the fence across and secure it.

We do recommend firmly anchoring all fences and suggest that even a chain link fence should be dug in a little, especially if you have dogs that are escape artists.

A wooden fence, on the other hand, needs to be installed one picket at a time, so it takes longer to get the job done.

For an idea of exactly what you can expect, give us a call, and we'll let you know exactly how long it will take and how much mess there might be during construction.


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