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Are your walls in need of a new coat of paint? Do you want a new look or want to revamp your home? At Stein Construction LLC, we have a team of expert house painters. We offer a full range of interior and exterior painting services at competitive rates. 

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Interior vs. Exterior: What is the Difference?


You would think that paint is paint and that there’s not much difference from one brand to the next. You’d be partially right. All paint is made using the same base ingredients – pigment, additives, resin, and solvent. But it’s the type of additives and resin that differs.

An inside paint, for example, is not going to be exposed to the elements like an outside paint. Unless you have some serious problems with your roof, indoor paint won't be exposed to rain and is not likely to have to withstand freezing temperatures. So the resin is a lot more rigid. Rigid resin helps make the paint easier to wipe off and more resistant to scuffing and light damage. 


A paint that's designed to go on the outside of the house, however, has to be made of tougher stuff to be able to expand and contract with changing temperatures. So the resins used here are more flexible.

These paints must be more fade-resistant, and be able to withstand the onslaught of many different weather conditions. Outside paint has additives in it to prevent mildew growth and to prevent staining.

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